Matthew 25 Ministries


Imagine for just a minute that you are sick and in need of a doctor. When you go to the doctor, he properly diagnoses your illness and gives you a prescription. However, instead of driving to the pharmacy to pick up your medicine, the nurse hands you a folded up napkin with 10 pills in it. That napkin is the only thing protecting the medicine you need from dirt, rain, animals, and even other people. Sanitation aside, it isn't feasible to protect the medicine with just a napkin.

You and I have an opportunity to join with our Senior and Retired adults in an international missions project. You don't have to board a plane or raise thousands of dollars. All you have to do is walk to your medicine cabinet.  

What if I were to tell you that this:

is all you need to have the world of international missions opened for you? 

We are partnering with Matthew 25 Ministries out of Cincinnatti to open the door for the Gospel to be preached in countries all around the globe, just by using a medicine bottle. M25M partners with doctors and medical clinics in some of the poorest of countries by sending missionaries armed with the Word of God and cases of used, but clean medicine bottles into villages. These medicine bottles that get trashed here are keys to helping people come to know the love of Jesus Christ in a REAL way!

Here is how you can help: When you have an empty medicine bottle, remove the label completely. You may need to use acetone based nail polish remover or something like Goof Off to fully remove the adhesive. Once the label is removed, please be sure to bring the bottle and the cap to the church. We have a green donation box with the Matthew 25 Ministries logo on each side. When we get our box filled, we will wash the bottles and then ship them to Cincinnati. 

Please help our Senior and Retired Adults with this ministry. In doing so, you are being used to reach the unreached around the world with the Good News!